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Social Selling – Manicure or Mozart – Does it work in the arts?

Beefing up some research on Socialnetwork selling Groupon/Livingsocial etc but not many examples of cultural stuff in UK.  A good number from US that look positive.  Anyone out there given it a whirl and cares to show and tell?  We can share the results from the info already collected.

Nielsen’s latest survey: most online content should be free, but some should be valued (case in point: NT Live!)

With the San Francisco Chronicle’s online offering today reporting on Nielsen’s new survey that 85% of internet users want online content to be free, cultural organisations could begin to panic about what the business model is for digitising their product… However, as ever, I’m not panicing, and am quietly confident 🙂 Nic Covey, Nielsen’s director […]

Logging onto Culture

Logging On: Culture Participation and the Web, is the new Demos report by John Holden that finds that culture and technology are becoming more interactive as the number of online users continues to grow. The report also provides an overview of the work of Culture Online, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) funded […]