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DT:TV Case Studies

If you missed it… Digital Marketing Re:Connected Remembered!

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Adrian Slatcher} For the arts content is always king, so it was great to see a wide range of the North West’s arts organisations revelling in a day of cutting edge digital content on Monday. I was the organiser, so I’m not pretending to be an impartial witness, […]

Weapons of mass collaboration!

I’m in Manchester at AmbITion’s Digital Content re:connected event. We’re trying to make it as live and globally available as we can! So… Marcus Romer from Pilot Theatre is currently presenting, and his talk and all the links to the resources mentioned is available here. Marcus is explaining his online strategy, which is about enagaging […]

Hands free 3D Second Life – acceptably accessible?

Second Life may yet become so easy and fun to use that we’ll all be able to actually use it. Currently, you need fairly advanced gaming skills to navigate and build in Second Life, but this new intuitive way of navigating Second Life “hands free” could create access for the masses, and this has many […]

URBIS (AmbITion case study 2007)

Case study: Urbis use of Manchester Second Life. This case study looks at how Urbis is using the virtual world Second Life to hold events, reach out to new audiences and grow the brand of Urbis as an experimental, cutting edge organisation exploring city life…

Museums in Second Life

I’ve been able to visit the International Spaceflight Museum in Second Life over the last few days and am amazed at the effort they have spent building it and making interactive exhibits. I’ve met number of cultural organisations who have mentioned that they’re developing projects in Second Life – which I can’t wait to visit. […]

Virtual performance: inferior or just different?

In a world where there is ever increasing opportunity to experience virtual performance, the arts sector is naturally concerned to protect their “X factor” the unique experience of the live performance. Gig organisers are also preoccupied with convincing the audience of the primacy of the live experience (although as advocates of live music, they also […]