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Love IT: Tweet for your seat & Google Goggles

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day around the corner but if you’re not yet in a romantic mood, then why not check out this lovely video produced by The Met to market their Google Goggles driven app.

Twitter and the Tate – I would have tweeted, but 140 was just too short.

At the Amb:IT:ion roadshow in Edinburgh -I stayed silent on this issue in question time, but thought I’d raise them here in case it is of interest. The context was Katie Beale’s presentation (the video will be elsewhere on this site) about the work she did with the Tate and Twitter. Katie’s main focus was […]

How much time should you spend on twitter every day?

I get asked this all the time and as someone passionate about the keeping my social and business connections alive through platforms like twitter.. I guess I’m an extreme case when I say sometimes I can use twitter up to 3 hours a day. This is a different question to “How long do you spend […]

The word on the tweet

Whether you love it or resent it, Twitter is changing the way that audiences find out what’s on; discover reviews; participate in live arts events; and co-create artistic work. Throughout August in Edinburgh, thousands of festival-goers have been tweeting their own mini-reviews of performances they’ve seen. Rather than trusting only the official reviews, audiences are […]

New music for a new era – mashups and Twitter concerts

{Article originally posted to AmbITion Extranet by Hannah Rudman} This is the most amazing mash up: a new piece of music called ThruYou created from existing YouTube videos – amateurs and professionals play together! Arts funders, IP gurus and arts organisations take note – this is what can be organised without the organisation! Last night […]

Twitter Best Practices List

From: http://www.twine.com/item/123nqkqw1-qj/share-this-twitter-best-practices-list-help-save-twitter THE PROBLEM: TWITTER IS AT RISK Twitter is highly vulnerable to spam because of the way it is designed, and because there is a general lack of awareness of best-practices and practices to avoid when using Twitter. This article hopes to help solve that by increasing awareness of these issues. Below is a […]